NIELIT DOEACC CCC Online Demo Test : नमस्कार दोस्तों SscLatestNews.Com में आपका स्वागत है, आज आप (National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology) NIELIT (DOEACC) Course on Computer Concept (CCC) Questions Papers के लिए Online Demo Tests (Test) 2020, 2021 and 2020 in Hindi English भाषा में देने जा रहे है | CCC Mock Test 2020 2021 के लिए हमने इस पोस्ट में CCC 100 Questions को शामिल किया है जिसमे हमने 50 Number के लिए CCC Objective Type Questions और 50 नंबर के लिए CCC True False Questions को शामिल किया है |

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CCC Demo Test in Hindi & English

अभ्यर्थियो को बता दे की CCC Exam Question Paper हर महीने होता है जिसके लिए आपको CCC की सभी Books के Notes and Study Material को पढ़ना होता है | CCC Exam Paper देने के करीब एक महीने बाद CCC Certificate जारी कर दिया जाता है जिसे आप NIELIT (DOEACC) की Official Website पर जाकर Download कर सकते है | आज की इस पोस्ट में हम आपको CCC Exam Question Paper Crack करने के लिए के लिए NIELIT DOEACC CCC Online CCC Demo Test Objective and True False के रूप में दे रहे है जिसे आपको अच्छे से पूरा करना है |

CCC Online Demo Test

जब आप CCC के सभी Questions को पूरा कर देंगे तो सबसे आखिर में आपको CCC Result भी देखने को मिलेगा की आपने कितना सही किया और कितना गलत किया है | अभ्यर्थियो को बता दे की CCC Exam Questions Papers की तैयारी करना बहुत ही आसान है, उसके लिए आपको सबसे पहले CCC Books के Question Answer को पढ़ना होगा, फिर उसके बाद आपको CCC True False Questions को अच्छे से पढ़ना होगा तब जाकर आप CCC Previous Year Question Paper की तैयारी कर पाएंगे | जब आप CCC Previous Year Questions Papers की तैयारी कर लेंगे फिर आखिर में आपको CCC Demo Test की तैयारी करनी है तभी जाकर आपको पता लगेगा की आपकी CCC Exam Paper के लिए कितनी तैयारी है |

CCC Demo Test Start करने के लिए निचे दिए गये Start Button पर Click करें |

Created on By Deepak Kumar

CCC Demo Test

Hello friends and welcome to SscLatestNews.Com, today you (National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology) NIELIT (DOEACC) Course on Computer Concept (CCC) Questions Papers for Online Demo Tests (Test) 2020, 2021 and 2020 in Hindi English Going to give in language. The CCC Mock Test 2020 2021 We have included CCC 100 Questions in this post which we have included CCC True False Questions for CCC Objective Type Questions and number 50 to 50 Number | Tell the candidates that the CCC Exam Question Paper is held every month, for which you have to read all the CCC Books Notes and Study Material. About a month after giving the CCC Exam Paper, a CCC Certificate is issued, which you can download by visiting the official website of NIELIT (DOEACC). In today's post, we are giving you NIELIT DOEACC CCC Online CCC Demo Test Objective and True False to crack the CCC Exam Question Paper, which you have to complete well. When you complete all the questions of the CCC, at the end you will also get to see the CCC result that how much you have done and how much you have done wrong. Abrerthiyo is very easy to prepare tell give the CCC Exam Questions Papers and, for that you have read the Question Answer First CCC Books, and then you have to read well the CCC True False Questions went to CCC Previous Year Will be able to prepare for the Question Paper. When you are preparing for the CCC Previous Year Questions Papers, then finally you have to prepare for the CCC Demo Test, only then will you know how much preparation is there for your CCC Exam Paper.

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Questions 30. In order to move from one worksheet to another in MS-Excel workbook, one should click

2 / 50

Questions 29. The default file extension of MS-Excel is

3 / 50

Questions 28. Workbook is a collection of

4 / 50

Questions 27. Excel document are stored as files called

5 / 50

Questions 26. You can edit a cell by

6 / 50

Questions 25. A worksheet range refers to

7 / 50

Questions 24. Excel is a

8 / 50

Questions 23. The AutoFill feature

9 / 50

Questions 22. To copy cell contents using drag and drop, press the.

10 / 50

Questions 21. Which one of the following is not an spreadsheet software?

11 / 50

Questions 20. The intersection of row and column forms a

12 / 50

Questions 19. MS-Excel stores dates internally as

13 / 50

Questions 18. Microsoft Office button do.. not contain

14 / 50

Questions 17. The first tab of MS-Word is

15 / 50

Questions 16. The term copy means

16 / 50

Questions 15. Using print preview is useful when you want to

17 / 50

Questions 14. The meaning of ‘Cut’ is

18 / 50

Questions 13. To print a document, press then press enter.

19 / 50

Questions 12. What is the overall term for creating, editing, formatting, storing, retrieving and printing a text document?

20 / 50

Questions 11. To see the document before the printout is taken, use

21 / 50

Questions 10. Border and shading option is in tab.

22 / 50

Questions 9. MS-Word 2007 allows creation of type of documents by default.

23 / 50

Questions 8. A contains button that provide quick access to commonly used commands.

24 / 50

Questions 7. Which tab provides options for changing fonts and their sizes?

25 / 50

Questions 6. Where can you find picture style group?

26 / 50

Questions 5. Insert table option is in menu.

27 / 50

Questions 4. To open a new blank document in MS-Word, which shortcut key are used?

28 / 50

Questions 3. To cut the selected text, these keys should be pressed.

29 / 50

Questions 2. User can use option to cancel the last editing.

30 / 50

Questions 1. What is MS-Word?

31 / 50

Questions 50. It runs on computer hardware and serves as platform for other software to run on

32 / 50

Questions 49. The key will launch the Start button.

33 / 50

Questions 48. To access properties of an object, the mouse technology used is……

34 / 50

Questions 47. The image, displayed on the desktop of windows

35 / 50

Questions 46. GUI stands for

36 / 50

Questions 45. GUI is used as an interface between (a) hardware and software

37 / 50

Questions 44. What is a file?

38 / 50

Questions 43. A named area on a disk that is used to store related sub folders and files is called as a(n)

39 / 50

Questions 42. File extensions are used in order to

40 / 50

Questions 41. A is a collection of information saved as a unit.

41 / 50

Questions 40. A directory within a directory is called

42 / 50

Questions 39. Date and time are available on the desktop at

43 / 50

Questions 38. Files are organized after storing in

44 / 50

Questions 37. may be included in other folder while making hierarchical folder structure.

45 / 50

Questions 36. When you want to move an icon on your desktop, this is called

46 / 50

Questions 35. All the deleted files go to

47 / 50

Questions 34. A small figure shown on the desktop screen with a program name is called

48 / 50

Questions 33. The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by multiple processors is

49 / 50

Questions 32. The primary purpose of the Windows operating system is

50 / 50

Questions 31. Microsoft Windows is a(n)

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