CCC Question Answer Paper Practice Set 23

  1. Which of the following is true regarding page orientation of a document?
  • Page Orientation can be change at any time
  • Page Orientation of document determines by printer
  • Page Orientation must be set before start typi9ng
  • Page Orientation of a document cannot be changed
  1. To AUTOFIT the width of column
  • Double click the right border of column
  • Double click the left border of column
  • Double click the column header
  • All of the above
  1. What happens when you click on Insert>> Picture >> Clip Art?
  • It inserts a clipart picture into document
  • It lets you choose clipart to insert into document
  • It opens Clip art taskbar
  • None of the above
  1. Which process can be affected by other processes executing in the system?
  • Cooperating process
  • Child process
  • Parent process
  • Init process

  1. When several processes access the same data concurrently and the outcome of the execution depends on the particular order in which the access takes place, is called
  • Dynamic condition
  • Race condition
  • Essential condition
  • Critical condition
  1. If a process is executing in its critical section, then no other processes can be executing in their critical section. This condition is called
  • Mutual exclusion
  • Critical exclusion
  • Synchronous exclusion
  • Asynchronous exclusion
  1. Which one of the following is a synchronization tool?
  • Thread
  • Pipe
  • Semaphore
  • Socket
  1. Which of the following is a correct order of precedence in a formula calculation?
  • Multiplication and division, exponential positive and negative value
  • Multiplicat6ion and division, position and negative values, addition and subtraction
  • Addition and subtraction, positive and negative values, exponentiation
  • None of the above

  1. A function inside ano9ther function is called a …… function.
  • Nested
  • Round
  • Sum
  • Text
  1. You can detect spelling and grammar errors by
  • Press Shift + F7
  • Press Ctrl +
  • Press Alt + F7
  • Press F7
  1. How can you break the current column and start a new column immediately?
  • Press Ctrl + shift + Enter
  • Press Alt + Enter
  • Press Ctrl + Enter
  • Press Alt + shift + Enter
  1. Which of the following feature of word can be used to automatically correct, incorrectly typed words?
  • Spell – Checker
  • Auto Text
  • Auto Correct
  • Find and Replace

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